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To protect your insurance policy, it is important to phone ‘One Call Collision Centre’ before contacting your own insurance company or agreeing to a non-fault claim with your insurance provider. Many people are unaware that even with a non-fault claim through your own insurance, it can still affect your policy by increasing your premium at renewal, and you will need to pay your own excess and claim it back later.

Using ‘One Call Collision Centre’ has its advantages. We claim all costs and expenses from the third party’s insurance company, leaving you with no costs and an unaffected insurance policy. We strongly believe that if you are involved in a non-fault accident, you should not be financially affected or penalized for something that wasn’t your fault.

Our ONE CALL services are 100% free with no hidden costs. If you require a personal injury claim, we promise that the full compensation will be paid directly to you. Our highly experienced non-fault accident management claims team will handle all insurance claims from start to finish, taking away all the stress and hassle of being involved in a car accident. We prioritize 100% customer satisfaction and will always go the extra mile for our customers.

You can even earn money with One Call Collision Centre, the company aims to retain their customers by offering a smooth claims process. Customers can make claims for up to £50 for faults and £100 for non-fault incidents. This initiative helps to keep customers satisfied and reassured that their claims will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner. One Call Collision Centre strives to provide excellent customer service, and their claims process is just one example of their commitment to achieving this goal.


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